Get a High-Value Bridge Loan to ___________.

Invest in real estate, launch your business — you fill in the blank. We’ve got your back.

The Cash Source Difference

Fast, flexible and tailor-made for time-sensitive investment opportunities, The Cash Source provides qualified investors, entrepreneurs and risk-takers with swift access to funding so they can bypass the lengthy approval process of traditional lending.

Skip the Red Tape

Banks are notorious for their never-ending paperwork and approval delays, taking up to 60 days to secure a loan. But here at The Cash Source, we cut through the bureaucracy. No credit checks. Minimal paperwork. When opportunity knocks, you’ll be ready to open the door and hit the ground running.

Bridge the Lending Gap

Conventional loans demand hefty down payments, leaving investors strapped for cash after property acquisition. That’s where we come in. We help bridge the lending gap, providing immediate funding with as little as 11% down. Now, you can act on your investment and have the financial freedom to make big moves without being tied down.

Hard Money Loans vs. Traditional Lending

Asset-based lending with competitive rates means more money in your pockets to transition into post-acquisition phases with greater financial flexibility.

TRADITIONAL LENDINGasset-based lending
credit checkYesNo
mortgage loan count limit2-3Unlimited
underwriting process45-60 Days5 Days
loan origination1.5%2.0%
loan amount$400,000$400,000
down payment20%11%

Traditional Lending

credit checkYes
mortgage loan count limit2-3
underwriting process45-60 Days
loan origination1.5%
loan amount$400,000
down payment20%

Asset-Based Lending

credit checkNo
mortgage loan count limitUnlimited
underwriting process5 Days
loan origination2.0%
loan amount$400,000
down payment11%

Case Example: $400,000 Acquisition

Our expedited underwriting process fast-tracks your journey from where you are and where you want to be, helping ensure you never miss out on time-sensitive investment opportunities again

TRADITIONAL LENDINGasset-based lending
Loan/origination fees$6,000$8,000
down payment on $400,000 property acquisition$80,000$44,000
payments over 2-year term, assuming 30-year traditional$63,864$96,000
total cash required for the deal$149,864$148,000
days saved50+
hours saved in underwriting & follow-up12+

Traditional Lending

Loan/origination fees$6,000
down payment on $400,000 property acquisition$80,000
payments over 2-year term, assuming 30-year traditional$63,864
total cash required for the deal$149,864
days saved
hours saved in underwriting & follow-up

Asset-Based Lending

Loan/origination fees$8,000
down payment on $400,000 property acquisition$44,000
payments over 2-year term, assuming 30-year traditional$96,000
total cash required for the deal$148,000
days saved50+
hours saved in underwriting & follow-up12+

Discover the Advantages
of Partnering with Us

Our solutions are lightning-fast, delivering cash into your hands far quicker than other lenders. With our competitive rates and streamlined process, we’ll help propel you from point A to B in no time.


We understand time is of the essence: Our underwriting process takes fewer than five days.


No credit checks, no hidden fees, no hassle. We base our loans on the value of your real estate.


Experience flexible payments and zero prepayment penalties. Choose your ideal monthly payment date. The process is paperless.


Our first-class service doesn’t stop after you get your loan. Unlike other lenders, we’ll work with you to secure permanent funding, too.

Why Choose Us?

As seasoned entrepreneurs and real estate investors, we’ve walked the same path. We get the frustration of dealing with banks that never seem to provide loans at the right time, causing missed opportunities and potential gains to slip away.

You can rely on our unwavering commitment, quick responsiveness and relatable approach to protect your valuable assets. Together, we can embark on a journey to create your extraordinary success story.

Get Qualified

Why ask the bank for a short-term loan that may or may not be delivered in time, when you can ask us for quick funding in five days or fewer? Complete a short form to see if you qualify — no credit check required.